Celebrate 75th Republic Day with Label Aarna's New Collection!


India’s Republic Day is a widely celebrated holiday throughout the country. People enjoy hoisting the flag in their societies, schools and colleges as well. With the advancements in trends and the ever changing fashion, every occasion nowadays are theme-oriented and there is a lot of presence of all the happenings on social media.

For a long time now, Indians have been celebrating Republic day & Independence day wearing orange, white and green, representing the three colours of the Indian flag. Republic Day has been celebrated since 1950 in honour of the Constitution that has been prepared by Dr. Ambedkar and the other dignitaries. India is also celebrated for its unity in diversity. We are and we will forever be grateful for all the Freedom Fighters - the sacrifices of whom are a reason for why we are here today.

Today we are going to talk about the same outfit options. Since you already know we are now live with so many other categories of trending outfits, below are a few styling tips that you can apply while using our signature outfits!


The saffron (orange) colour in the flag stands for courage & sacrifice. Safe to say that they are one of the strongest attributes in the majority of the women in our country. Label Aarna has a wide range of collections with the colour orange on them like Co-ords, Jumpsuits, Kaftans, Kurtis & Sarees. All of these products can be styled with minimal jewellery and good bags.


White in the flag stands for peace and truth. It is the most-worn colour on this day with a hint of blue to represent the Ashok Chakra. For whites we have suits, gowns, co-ord sets and much more. They have been made with designer elements that are well in-sync with the trends like schiffli embroidered, cowl patterned and many others.They can be conveniently styled with colourful footwear -heels or flats and preferably with oxidised silver jhumkas.


Green, the last colour stands for growth. For greens we would definitely recommend the Suits, they are also available in 5XL sizes, they are beautiful and can be styled as per your choice and convenience. We also have co-ord sets and beautiful sarees in green colour. Have a look at it below.

Apart from just these, there are so many other outfits that can be styled for Republic day.

To say the least, the trends may keep changing, but our emotions won’t. We will forever be a part and blood of this great country. We will always be representing it anywhere we go. And to dress as per that, Label Aarna is at your aid.


Label Aarna has a lot of suits, kaftans, co-ord sets and gowns that are well to go for not just Republic Day but also for other festivals and occasions. We have great customer support that works around the clock to solve your queries or doubts. We would love it for you to celebrate Republic Day in Aarna Outfit.

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