About Us

A product of V3 Enterprises
Registration Number: 24CALPD6580P1Z5

A sub-vertical of V3 Enterprises - one of the prime fabric manufacturing companies with 20+ Years of Experience, in the city of Surat - the nucleus of the Indian Textile Industry.

To quench the search for Fashionably Comfortable Clothing that runs in the veins of every woman, Label Aarna has come up with the most elite Salwar Suits, Sarees, and Dress Materials with the finest attributes Contrived In-House.

Our Aptitude

The journey of every thread to become a fabric at Label Aarna is an amalgamation of Human Efforts fused with Global Standard Machinery that makes it possible for us to offer you Authentic Fabric Quality at Affordable Prices.

For making sure that you can make a statement with your looks in festivities or even while running chores, we have Supremely Talented Designers from the industry on board.

Our products are captured with effective lenses by exceptionally skilled photographers which makes it easy for us to claim that our Pieces Are Exactly As Shown In The Pictures

Tiny offers and discounts are always within the reach of our customers, providing them with  Free Shipping and COD [PAN India] on all orders.

And since we understand how Intezar is annoying, we have partnered with BlueDart and Delhivery, the leading logistics services provider in the industry. Get Fast Delivery of your purchase conveniently at your doorstep.

Unbox like an influencer with Label Aarna’s custom Gift Box Packaging that is ideal for gift-giving as well. To ensure that your outfit stays intact for decades, you will find a Free Storage Bag in all your purchases keeping the Sustaining Sensibilities in mind.

What swells our chest with pride are the 99% Happy Customers that we lovingly call the Aarna Family. They have put words to this love which you can also see at: https://labelaarna.com/pages/reviews [Reviews]

Our dedicated Customer Support Team works around the clock to resolve your queries. We also provide a Video Call shopping experience and assist you in placing an order with us, if needed.

Label Aarna has Smooth and Easy Return Policies with Quick Refunds, just in case!


V3 Enterprises

1. Weaving Unit:

  • World Class manufacturing facility.
  • Factory spread over a total area of 40,000 square metres with built-up floor space of 0.55 million sq. ft.
  • 2.5 million metres/month weaving capacity.
  • Capability to handle different types of weaves like plain, twill, satin, textures etc. and yarns like conventional poly, recycled poly, BSY, spun, nylon etc.

2. Draw - Warping Unit:

  • We have 9 draw warping lines.
  • Capacity of 1000 metres/month.

3. Twisting/Crape Unit:

  • We have 35 Twisting machines.
  • Capacity of 105 metres/month.

4. Sizing Unit:

  • We have 11 sizing lines.
  • Capacity of 600 metres/month.


  1. Dyeing Unit: 4.5 million metres fabric per month.
  2. Rotary Printing Unit: 2.2 million metres fabric per month.
  3. Sublimation Printing Unit: 1 million metres fabric per month.
  4. Rotogravure Printing Unit.
  5. Designing Unit.
  6. Finishing Unit: 4.5 million metres fabric per month.
  7. Laboratory.
  8. Inspection Area.