Unboxing of a Label Aarna Outfit

Koi baat nahi, online karva lenge!
Now that we have advanced from online shopping to online shaadi, it was about time that we took you through a virtual unboxing of an order packaging. Every time you order from Label Aarna, it takes us half a spoon love, maybe one scoop of the invoice, and a little something on the sides(a free gift) to get your order ready to be delivered the fastest at your doorstep. 
Let’s get started!
Every suit or saree that you purchase from Label Aarna, is packed with utmost care and checked under the scrutinizing gaze of our packaging head to avoid any mistakes. We ensure that we use the best quality and thick cardboard boxes to protect your purchase from any wear and tear. 
This box is black in color with our brand name and logo inscribed in gold over the top and a QR code and our contact details at the back for you to connect with us easily. This custom box is so well made and looks aesthetically pleasing just like a gift box would!
The box contains your ordered items in a zipped free storage bag with a transparent cover on one side and our logo on the other with - made in material. This storage bag can be your escape to protect your purchase for a longer period of time. Use it for any of your outfits and forget your worries about the pieces getting stained, dusted, or withered due to climate. 
With that, you will also find a thank you card for your purchase which contains our review QR code. You can review us through that code as soon as the purchase is in your hands, after all, your reviews keep us rooted in the right direction. 
The packed order is then covered with a gray poly bag that is a shield to protect the main box from any damage. This high-end packing ensures that your purchase doesn’t get injured in any transit accidents and reaches you in one piece. 
Apart from this, a unique barcode with your Name, Address, and Contact details has also been pasted on the box for no loose ends in the journey, for the purchase to make it to you without any mishaps.
This packaging is provided by Label Aarna with the sole motive of making it a family-friendly place where you can expect inclusivity. We know what it feels like to open a purchase and touch it, feel it. 
We realize the effort you put in to buy that one dream outfit or a gift for a loved one, so we insist on providing the best to you with our elegant but rock-solid packaging that looks good on the inside and is equally strong on the outside. WE ARE BEAUTY WITH THE BEAST!