Label Aarna’s Packaging - Take 2 .. and Action!

Welcome to Label Aarna’s New Blog where we are going to tell you about a significant update that has been in talks for quite a few days now. We are beyond excited, thrilled and happy to announce the launch of our New Packaging
Label Aarna has always believed in Sustainability and Innovation. This is a step forward towards making your experience better with us as a customer! Because Customer Satisfaction is our priority. 


Packaging of any product is of more importance than the product itself. Good packaging is a symbol of good product quality. To keep the product intact and in its best form for a longer time, it is important to wrap it in the best covers before it is finally opened for usage. 
We understand the significance of good packaging and the issues that arise when the packaging is not good enough. And that drives us to make sure that our customers receive the best quality product in the best of packaging! 
We have been blessed with beautiful outcomes of designer printed suits and the same will reflect in our brand new packaging. Let’s have a look at it below.
Before we hop on to the bits and parts of what is included in our packaging, let us first have a glance at the reasons why packaging is a matter of utmost concern. 
  • Protection from climate
  • Protection from unwanted elements of society
  • Protection from wear and tear 
  • Storage and preservation
  • Aesthetics!

The Journey:

Label Aarna’s old packaging included an elegant black box with shiny lettering! And it was appreciated by so many customers. We loved it. But change is the only constant and it was about time that Label Aarna got a little Feminine touch it deserved.
It took us about another month or two to find something better than that Gift-box Packaging. Because come on, it was the best. But thanks to our design team, the amazing Packaging Manufacturers and our in-house critics - our team, we came up with this!
We have now shifted from Elegance to Grace and Serenity. We have focused on incorporating a design in our packaging that highlights one thing that connects the best with Female energy- Flowers
The Pink Floral Envelope serves as the main box for the suit and the other items that come with it. This envelope is covered with a Grey poly bag that can hinder it from monsoon rains, summer heats and general wear and tear.
 This Grey poly bag has a Barcode sticker with customer details and payable amount mentioned. It is easier and more convenient for the delivery agents to deliver your parcel with this access.
This Barcode scanner makes it possible for us and you to track your parcel. And it is a security element, to save your product from any misappropriations. 
With that said, let’s get back on the inside. The pink floral envelope inside this poly bag is made of superior quality, which can be Recycled, which makes it sustainable and helps us contribute our bit in protecting mother nature. It is processed keeping in mind the government rules. 
But as Indians, we always check twice after locking the door, and hinting at double protection, we brought in a transparent bopp bag with our logo, to cover the suit. This ensures that the suit is exclusively from Aarna. Inside this bopp bag, you will find your product/s, with an Invoice.
The product also comes with a Photo, this is an important segment because our pieces are unstitched. The photo provides a perfect idea of styling the suit in the best possible way.
With these, you will also find a Tag, with our logo and Care Guide, attached to the fabric. This guide is highly necessary to preserve and care for the fabric so that it doesn’t get damaged in the wash. Our pieces have been manufactured in-house and they are very delicate to be washed with harsh detergents in the first go.
The care guide, as a matter of fact, is important for each and every product, so there is no room for any unforeseen events or mis-happenings. 
With your purchase you will also find a Thank You Card, which is also redesigned to match with our new packaging, wherein we thank you for Joining our Family. It also has our Social Media details. 
The other side of the card is what you will love to read. We have tied up with an NGO - Sahayaam, where there are disabled people making Jute Bags in an attempt to be independent, we buy those Jute Bags.
These Jute bags are sent with the Suit for the purpose of organization and to preserve the suits for a longer period of time. We thank you for being a source for us to be able to contribute in their journey. 
Apart from these, there is a new addition to our Packaging, and that is the Brochure. This brochure is a sneak peek to our best-sellers, it contains a QR Code, which directly brings you to the website. 

All of this just for you to have complete faith in the luxury we offer as a brand. We believe that Label Aarna has a long run in the industry owing to its Designs and Superior Quality Fabrics, and to trademark that, we have left no stone unturned.


Label Aarna should always be inscribed in your memory as a brand that will do everything to give you the best attributes of fabrics and designs to make you shine, parallel to similar levels of services. 
Our customer support executives will around the clock be available to help you through every doubt or query. We pledge you the best and deliver nothing short of it. We will always try to go a level up for our customers. 
So with this new packaging, we hope that you keep supporting us, leave us a few reviews on what you think of it and make sure you get updates regularly by subscribing with your Email.