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Sindh Saree

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    Sindh strongly resonates with the beauty of the Mughal Era fused with the traditional culture of ancient Indus Valley civilization. The fascinating culture of Sindh has a significant influence of Sufis and Canons. The best quality handmade clothing fabric produced in Sindh is designed by women residing in the villages who glorify their talent through exemplary embroidery. 

    The outfits worn by Sindh people resembled the dresses worn in Iraq and other adjoining countries during the medieval period. The dress style includes Iraqi style long robes and short velum. The pantaloons worn by men were adopted in neighboring countries like Multan and the coastal areas of Gujarat. When the Arab rule ended in Sindh during 1050 C.E, Sindhis came into the mainstream business of clothing and other traditional raiments. 

    Making and Process:
    The Sindhi designs are combined with the bold embellishments and motifs of Kutch in Gujarat, the exceptional techniques of Rajasthan, and the traditional weaves of Balochistan, creating a stunning amalgamation of an era bygone. The conventional Sindhi designs are mostly hand embroidered on brightly dashing colors such as maroon and black Khaddar fabric with beautiful thread colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, and orange. 

    Present Day scenario:
    We combined the contemporary techniques in embellishments and printing with the latest innovation of lacquer finishes with Swarovski crystal. It is a collection that envisioned a woman, the urban nomad, amalgamating a sense of luxury and confidence. Our muse tells the in-depth story from the Mughal Era, using the bejeweled motifs from the Taj Mahal, a tale of eternal love that inspired many.

    We have a tale to tell, calling this "art to wear."