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    Madhubani print sarees are one of the hot favorites in the fashion circles. There is no better canvas than the traditional sarees depicting the thematic brilliance of the detailed scenes from Ramayana, a favorite subject of Madhubani painting. The artistic flair of Madhubani Print Sarees spells the imaginative and brilliant minds of the creators. 

    Historically, Lord Janaka- the father of Goddess Sita, ruled Nepal and ordered the artists to decorate the palace walls for the marriage of his daughter. Women in that era believed that oneness with God and receiving the blessing from the almighty is possible through depicting paintings. The Madhubani art was restricted to being a household practice till 1930. Later, the British colonial William. G.Archer was astounded by the Madhubani paintings. In the 70s, Pupul Jayakar encouraged the women in Bihar to practice the Mithila art on the mud walls of the hut. Modern-day fashion designers saw the Madhubani art form more than paper, and thus, fabrics benefited from the skill and were presented in the most contemporary form. 

    Making and process:
    Madhubani or Mithila paintings are practiced mainly in Bihar, done with fingers, nib-pens, twigs, and brushes. The paints used are done with dyes and natural pigments. The eye-catching geometric patterns are the main attraction of these paintings. The Madhubani print sarees have a traditional weave, making a fine smooth fabric like silk. It is the ideal canvas for artistic patterns handheld with wooden blocks.

    Present-day scenario:
    Label Aarna has delved deep into the fiery corners of Madhubani Art, capturing the essence of Bihar's heritage to create a collection of modern twist titles as "Contemporary Madhubani." We use sustainable organic fabrics with motifs derived from the theme further entwined with illustrations and artworks of religion, elements of nature, and social scenes from the region. Pastel colors add further contemporary richness.