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    The elaborated and floral prints of the "Bagru" collection are distinctive and inspired by the motifs of the namesake technique, converting a textile art into luscious soft silk fabric that lounges comfortable, global, sustainable, and worthy styles. Bagru is one of the traditional printing techniques founded in Rajasthan by the Chippas community. Chippas was known for leather manufacturing and processing goods. They sold Mochdi, boot, Rajasthani jhutee, and other leather goods. Nowadays, synthetic dyes are combined with natural colors to practice Bagru printing. Bagru prints are known for their luxurious designs in sophisticated natural colors. The natural colors are obtained from harda, Indigo, and pomegranate. 

    No authentic literature is available regarding the beginning of Bagru printing. However, the art is said to have started around 450 years ago. Bagru Chippa community came from the Sawai, Madhopur, Alwar, Sikar, and Jhunjuna districts of Rajasthan. The community settled in Bagru and made their home around 450 years ago, marking the origin of Bagru painting. 

    Making and process:
    The process begins with a raw cloth that contains impurities such as dust or oil that needs to be removed. The community takes two days to prepare a paste of soda, ash, sesame oil, and cow-dung to wash the raw cloth. The cloth is sun-dried and designed for "Harda" treatment. Here the fabrics are squeezed every day and sun-dried to remove the impurities. The material is ready for dyeing purposes. Mainly two types of printing are used- Direct Dye printing and Resist printing.

    Present-day scenario:
    With the development in the fashion world, traditional Bagru printing has been revolutionized with a modern approach and fast turnaround, delivering products that are identical without any color variation or print defects.