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    Ajrakh is a unique art of printing shawls. Ajrakh printing follows a very detailed block printing mechanism of decorating mantles. The colors used in Ajrakh art provide contrast to the shawl's decoration other than the basic red, green, blue, black, and yellow. It originates from the Indus Valley Civilization era.

    Ajrakh is a modern innovation in block printing that represents the culture and legacy of the Sindh civilization. Hence, it promotes the cultivation and yielding of cotton trees for producing clothes and shawls. The history of Ajrakh dates back to the Mohen-jo-Daro era, where the prevalence of Ajrakh was revealed as a draped cloth. Ajrakh shawls were gifted to the guests and honored esteemed people. 

    Making and process:
    Ajrakh printing includes patterning with alternate designs and colors. The staining and coloring of the fabric required accurate precision of artistic skills. A pack of cotton balls is followed by treating each group of the blocks uniquely with detailed design prints. Then a particular design block is fixed, followed by designing a pattern and shading one impression instantly. Then the whole shawl gets entirely decorated with the designs. Finally, the mantle is laid out in the sun, where the colors dry to perfection.

    Present-day scenario:
    The Ajrakh printing gained publicity and recognition throughout the ancient culture. It has a prosperous heritage connected to the Sindh Civilization; it has enhanced global appeal in the national and international markets. The Ajrakh sarees are trendy amongst the youngsters who prefer a fusion look. It dramatically improves the personal appearance of who chooses to do it.