Everything you need to understand about the Bridal Saree Collection | Tips on choosing the best Bridal Saree for Wedding

Are you going to be the next bride looking for the best bridal saree for wedding? A wedding is not less than a dream for a woman who wants to look the best on their special day. When it comes to selecting the best bridal saree collection, you will choose the bridal saree that will make you glance like a princess, which will enhance your personality and instantly catches your attention.

A bridal saree for wedding is undoubtedly the best wedding apparel that adds a glamorous and sophisticated look to your personality. Moreover, choosing from the numerous bridal saree collection and carrying the bridal saree with an oomph will be a show-stealer. If you are the bride and looking to select the best bridal saree for wedding, below are some essential tips to make you the most elegant bride.

How to select the best bridal saree for wedding?

When a bride steps into her wedding dolled up in a nine-yard of bridal saree, it is indisputable that she will make every head turn towards her. When you look at your grandmother's or mother's closet, you will find some sarees that are cherished with priceless moments. A bridal saree collection arrives in distinct colors, shapes, weaves, and fabric, making it the essential factor while choosing the best bridal saree for wedding.

Bridal Saree Collection based on Weaves:

Each bridal saree for wedding is created to make a statement. Woven by hand or stitched with elaborated embroidery, the bridal saree collection based on weaves displays the most joyous mood. Pick from numerous bridal saree collection such as Banarasi Saree, Silk, Kanjivaram, and traditional Gujarati sarees.

Legendary Kanjivaram Bridal Saree:

The eternal Kanjivaram Bridal Saree for Wedding has always remained the first choice for brides as they look most stunning on their D-day. The intricate and opulent gold and silver thread work makes Kanjivaram Sarees a masterpiece. You may easily shop Kanjivaram bridal saree online with the sheer elegance of golden and zari work, making every bride captivating on her wedding day.

Traditional Banarasi Bridal Saree Design:

The traditional Banarasi Bridal Saree Collection hails straight from the city of ghats, Varanasi. The handcrafted designs with different shades and embellishments make the Banarasi Bridal Saree for Wedding most elegant on the brides. You can pair these gorgeous Banarsi Bridal saree with heavy jewelry to get that perfect regal touch.

Magnificent Bridal Silk Saree:

The magnificent bridal silk saree for wedding is the most loved and adored by every bride. Most brides widely prefer the traditional bridal silk saree for wedding because of its rich embroidery and elegance. These bridal silk saree are handcrafted with the finest silk threads that make every bridal saree collection a choice.

Paithani Bridal look in Saree:

Marathi brides adorn wearing the traditional Paithani bridal saree for wedding. These wedding sarees are customized as per the brides' requirements. The Paithani bridal saree for wedding is handwoven and comes in vibrant colors. Paithani Bridal Saree is forever cherished as unique due to its wrapping style.

Gujarati Patan Patola Bridal Saree:

The elegant Gujarati Patan Patola Bridal Saree originated from the town of Patan. The traditional silk saree contains bizarre prints and symmetrically woven designs, utterly handcrafted in Bandhani and vibrant colors. You can pair the Gujarati Patan Patola Bridal Saree for Wedding with exquisite diamond or gold jewelry to look stunning.

Bridal Saree Collection based on Colors:

Traditionally, the red color is the most common shade of bridal saree for wedding. Apart from personal taste, it would be best to consider thousands of factors for choosing a bridal saree collection. The first is your complexion. Not every color suits you. If you like to select from various bridal saree collection, Label Aarna's Wedding closet features the latest color shades and designs.

Graceful Green Bridal Saree:

Green is considered one of the most elegant shades of bridal saree for wedding. A green saree with a golden border and motifs makes the bride elegant, graceful, and delightful. Label Aarna's green bridal saree for wedding; just do the magic.

Regal Gold Bridal Saree:

Wearing the Gold Bridal Saree for wedding is something that will make you look royal. Label Aarna's regal gold bridal saree for wedding is out of this world. They appear perfectly magnificent when paired with an elegant diamond set.

Ravishing Red Bridal Saree:

A gorgeous red bridal saree makes the bride look stunning and stand out from the crowd. Label Aarna's ravishing red bridal saree with a golden zari border looks chic and attractive.

Bright Yellow Bridal Saree:

The bright yellow bridal saree for wedding gives positiveness and cheerful vibes. Yellow sarees are the best for Haldi functions. You may choose a yellow bridal saree for wedding with a contrast blouse to make it more appealing.

Precious Pink Bridal Saree:

Brides look cheerful and delicate in precious pink bridal saree. After all, it's a color for women. The lovely pink bridal saree for wedding contemplates all skin tones, and the golden zari border makes the perfect bridal saree.

Bridal Saree Collection based on Fabric:

The saree fabric can make or break the look. The material should look rich, have an excellent drape, and look good in your body. The most common fabric is silk for bridal saree. The bridal saree for weddings has a vast choice from Chiffon to Georgette and Net to Satin.

Chiffon Bridal Saree for Wedding:

A Chiffon Bridal Saree for wedding adds comfort and a pronounced style statement. Chiffon fabric has lightweight and modern designs as compared to traditional ones. Thus, Chiffon Bridal Saree is preferred for a wedding due to its high degree of convenience.

Georgette Bridal Saree for Wedding:

If you want to be the most modern and stylish bride for your wedding, look no further and buy the most elegant georgette bridal saree for wedding. Georgette can be used for various designs that create classiness through the wide colors and prints available. A rich georgette bridal saree for the wedding will give you a thoroughly modern and stylish look.

Net Bridal Saree for Wedding:

Net Bridal Saree for Wedding will give the bride a stylish look. Indian wedding sarees made with net-based material convey a mystical sophistication to the bride, making it a perfect combination of style and fashion.

Crepe Bridal Saree for Wedding:

Crepe is another preferred fabric selection for brides looking for a stylish and innovative bridal saree for wedding. The crepe fabric has its uniqueness and thus, makes them a perfect material for the wedding occasion.

Satin Bridal Saree for Wedding:

Satin Bridal Saree for wedding is the latest trend for brides choosing the bridal saree. The satin fabric is soft to touch, has more durability, and is stain-resistant. The satin bridal saree for wedding is an absolute attention grabber for an enjoyable wedding day.

Things to do before buying a Bridal Saree for Wedding:

After choosing a perfect bridal saree for wedding, there are some other factors to consider. Are you getting anxious about how you will find the best bridal saree? Please have a quick look at what you need to consider while buying a bridal saree.

Determine the quantity:

The foremost thing to do is select the quantity of the bridal saree for wedding. In this, you need to include the list of sarees you will wear for different ceremonies. Moreover, no Indian wedding is complete without gifting sarees to relatives. So, you may need quite a substantial amount of sarees to shop.

Look for the budget:

The essential factor to consider for wedding saree shopping is the budget. Under what budget do you need to purchase your bridal saree for wedding. As bridal sarees always come with sheer elegance and luxury, thus the cost of the saree also increases. If you plan to buy wedding sarees online, do look for offers and discounts.

Where to buy a bridal saree?

Traditionally, brides purchased bridal saree for wedding from a brick-and-mortar shop. Increasingly, young professionals are hardly finding any time from their busy work schedule to shop and buy the bridal wedding saree. The trend is shifting towards shopping for wedding sarees online because it is easy to choose from different varieties and can be purchased anytime.

When to buy a bridal saree?

The bridal saree for wedding can be expensive. The best time to buy the wedding sarees is before several months of the marriage. Most online and offline shops have discounts and sales going on. You can easily save 10-15 percent through these sales.


If you plan well, do thorough research, and wait for the right opportunity, shopping bridal saree for wedding can be fun, economical, and stress-free. Follow the tips and buying guide given by Label Aarna, walking down to the mandap looking radiant and beautiful.