Each Order Counts for Change

As you place an order at Label Aarna, each order with us contributes to Sahaayam Public Charitable Trust which is an NGO of handicapped people who manufacture our premium Saree Bags by hand. Every single order with us at Label Aarna empowers the differently abled and empowers them with more self-reliance as well as empowers you, the costumer, to contribute their part towards a better society and this is what sets or brand Label Aarna apart from the rest as we make sure to keep moving forward by taking the right steps to progress the society towards a better tomorrow. The idea of Sahaayam came about during the spring of 2017 to Pallavi Abhay Rathod with a mission to create new skills and employment, with a stable income for specially-abled people through sales of ethical handmade products to small-cap businesses. The founder has been rendering her services for the cause for over 22 years.

The Collaboration of Label Aarna and Sahaayam Public Charitable Trust is unique in its own sense as Eco-friendliness and reusability of quality products while aiming towards a sustainable society remains a common shared goal for both of our organisations. 

The Design of the Saree bag that we provide with every order has a lot more pros to it than just using it to store your exquisite Label Aarna saree, it is made of jute and it is reusable and recyclable as well as is completely biodegradable, it can be used as a small bag for your daily chores.

We, at Label Aarna have granted our consumers with an opportunity in disguise as every order you place with us, it counts, every order with us at Label Aarna engages the contrastingly abled and enables them with more confidence just as engages you, the costumer, to contribute their part towards a sustainable and a better society and this is what separates our brand Label Aarna from the rest as we try to continue pushing ahead by finding a way the correct ways to advance the people towards a brighter tomorrow and there’s no place other where place like us because Ethnicity, approved.